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Acne: Blue dominant light is anti-bacterial and causes the C.Acnes bacteria to destroy itself, for Acne there is also lots of red and a little infrared being emitted. These 3 wavelengths work synergistically to enhance outcomes. Red light increases micro-circulation to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the area for healthier skin and tissue repair, reducing the redness and inflammation associated with the acne lesions. Red light also enhances immune and lymphatic response for better drainage/removal of dead cells and toxins from the area. Keratinocytes also respond well to the red wavelength and are responsible for skin tone and firmness.

Red Anti Aging: This is the wrinkle/anti-aging program is the only program with almost equal emission of each of the 3 wavelengths. Use it for all skin related conditions. It is ideal for use following laser, dermaplaning, micro-dermabrasion, micro-needling, peels, and injections. Also, ideal for use following surgery and deep ablative procedures accelerating healing about 3-6x the normal rate. Many different cells respond really well to Red and Infrared.

Aches & Pain: This is near-infrared dominant and is the deepest penetrating for all pain, joint and muscle issues. This is an anti-inflammatory setting and is excellent for increasing micro-circulation, angiogenesis and neurogenesis. This is a great for supporting any condition located deeper in the tissue, such as post-surgical incisions.

Low level-light therapy has been shown decrease a patient’s recovery time while reducing discomfort levels and enhancing overall outcomes. It is ideally suited following any ablative procedure as well as pre and post-surgery for the following reasons:

·         Phototherapy has been shown to accelerate tissue repair, decrease wound size, accelerate the resolution of erythema, accelerate wound closure and prevent dehiscence.

·         Ongoing post-surgery photo-rejunvenation² (activation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, stimulation of keratinocytes which produce keratin to provide structural strength to the skin).

·         Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation prevention. 

·         Phototherapy is anti-bacterial.  The presence of P-acne bacteria can lead to post-operative infections, particularly in shoulder surgery.  Using the Celluma prior to surgery will decrease the presence of this bacteria.


This esthetic machine provides a NON-INVASIVE treatment that creates immediate and long lasting results with LITTLE TO NO DOWN-TIME!

Is this service for you?

Clear by Skin Sheek treats:

Telangiectasia (capillaries), clogged pores, skin tags, fibromas, acne, black/white heads, sun spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, rosacea, cholesterol deposits, milia, cherry angiomas, seborrheic keratosis, warts, and more!


Blueberry Charcoal Spotlight:  This facial is about pore refinement and skin exfoliation. The Blueberry Enzyme, with its 1% glycolic acid  and 1% salicylic acid, will dissolve keratinize skin and oil. Impurities and toxins are then drawn out of the skin with the Charcoal Refining Mask that will leave your skin purified and nourished. The Charcoal Refining is formulated with anti-microbial, skin detoxifying and pore cleansing ingredients that clarify and purify skin while aiding in the absorption of excess oil and impurities. The appearance of pore size is dramatically reduced and skin is left clear and healthy. This soft gray souffle clay will certainly leave skin looking clearer and healthier, thanks to the natural plant extracts.

DermaPlaning:   DermaPlaning or Epidermal Leveling is one of my favorite services to perform and receive! You'll see great results from the first service and it leaves your skin feeling baby soft and hydrated. Add a peel and you get the power treatment that makes your skin brighter with a reduction in fine lines.  Try a series of 6 Derma Peels to diminish deep lines, the appearance of scars and hyper-pigmentation. Safe for sensitive skin and those with Rosacea.

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